Trulli del bosco (literally, The Trulli of the woods), a kilometer and a half away from Alberobello, is an antique village of  trulli next to the green Alberobello oasis of Bosco Selva.

This small piece of land, since the eighteenth century was the residence of four peasant families, that of the Columbro family for example, which at the beginning of the 19th century, as many others did, left their motherland and emigrated to America, or that of Viola, whom in order to pay for that small piece of property, had to work and live in Argentina for four years.

Right from the seventies, many of the families  that lived here relocated to Alberobello, or decided to emigrate abroad. Since then, the trulli have remained abandoned, consumed by natural decay in time. All that was left, where the memories linked to family, to humble countryside chores, to a summer experienced in childhood.