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New summer guest? Chose your free tree!

Trulli del Bosco, like every year, is actively in favor of green conservation and caring for the environment in their surrounding territory. Beginning in 2016, we are proud to present a new project, unique all over Italy:

One tree per guest

If you are a couple, a family or just a group friends who want to spend the summer at Trulli del Bosco, you will have the unique opportunity to plant your very own fruit tree in our countryside.

Why plant a tree?

Avoids land degradation
Produces 20-30 liters of oxygen every day.
A tree is nice to touch.
Protects the habitats of endangered species
Protects from noise and strong winds.
A tree is nice to see.
Combats desertification.
Regulates temperature.
A tree is nice to feel.
They are the historical memory of a place.
They are our memory of a place.

How to join the project?

Simply book your summer holiday at Trulli del Bosco between February and March (the right time to plant a tree), and, at your arrival, you will find a small fruit tree, free of charge, with your name written above and a personal dedication of your choice. It will be a unique gesture because you will actively save the planet and will be a genuine and lasting gift, because a tree can live out more than three generations of your family. Years will pass by and you can return to reap its fruits with whoever you want.

Available trees are :

almond tree                          cherry tree                            olive tree


                                      plum tree                                pear tree                                fig tree



A lot of people like to donate a tree for a special occasion, for the birth of a child, for a birthday or a marriege. For this reason we thought of a special surprise for you all, which will make your gift unforgettable at your arrival… Contact us for more information.

Goal and Philosophy

The “One tree per guest” project already includes its objectives in its name: we want the number of trees that will be planted and that of the guests to be identical. Our wish is that each guest can bring some new verve, landscape and life to a territory and its inhabitants.

We look forward to seeing the satisfactory smiles of our guests when (accompanied by us in the countryside) they finally see their fruit tree planted with their name written above and a personal message which represents them with this gesture.

From that moment onwards, the holiday will not only be an authentic experience in the present, but will also bind a person forever, who, until then, was just passing through the land that welcomed him.
In short, the opposite of what mass tourism would want, whose only existing relationship is between product and consumer.


  • The  project partecipation will be totaly free for our guests.
  • To join the project „One Tree per Guest”, the booking must be between 01/02/2016 and 31/03/2016, for a minimum stay of one week in the period from 01/06/2016 to 31/08/2016.