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Summer 2020: 5 reasons why choose Trulli del bosco

The Trulli del Bosco, after the coronavirus emergency, wants to respect the safety of their guests and make the holidays in Puglia 2020 as relaxing as possible.

Our guests are lucky because the property is already prepared for a safe and ideal holiday for those seeking calm after days of stress closed in the house.

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1. We are immersed in nature

The Trulli del Bosco are in an enviable position for nature lovers and for those looking for places not crowded.   A few meters from the property stands the Natural Oasis “Bosco Selva”, an oak forest with within it paths passable for romantic walks.  Around the bed and breakfast, moreover, there is the total absence of neighborhood and this guarantees peace and silence to our guests.


2. Breakfast in your room

After the announcement of the new decrees, we thought of the safest and most comfortable solution for our guests. Every morning, we will bring breakfast in front of everyone’s trullo, making it even more magical an important moment of the day. Imagine a coffee table outside, the light morning breeze and a homemade breakfast

3. Distance and full privacy

Ours is a village of 4 trulli, once inhabited by 4 families of peasants. It seems the ideal arrangement for this emergency period. Our trulli, in fact, are autonomous and distant from each other tens of meters, ensuring social distance for each family and full privacy and serenity for your holiday.


4. Careful sanitization of places

Although there are already enough spaces among the guests, our staff will ensure the full sanitization of the trulli, before and during the stay, the sanitization of the spaces and the tranquility of not having to think of other concerns.


5. Essential services at Km zero

One of the main problems of the next holidays 2020 will be choosing a free restaurant every night, maybe after long waits in line and then regret going out! You are lucky, because we offer at our hotel a catering service, with an agreement with a restaurant nearby, where guests can eat comfortably in front of their trullo, in full privacy and enjoying the crickets and the summer coolness that characterizes a place near a forest, like ours.

In addition, we welcome the holiday bonuses being prepared by the government.

For all bookings 2020, you can cancel your reservation 2 days before arrival.

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