Rent a garden

To become guardians and not masters of the land

Life in the big cities has made us forget the real meaning of the word Nature, Food and Well-being. Our purpose today is to let you discover all this by considering values and guiding you through the aromas, the flavors and feel of the true land.

What is Rent a garden?

Rent a garden is a the first and new project in Italy that allows guests to rent a personal “garden corner” to regularly harvest seasoned vegetables during the holidays.

Why is it healthy?

Healthy gardening will be a new and regenerating psychophysical experience for you and your children. You can eat a freshly picked vegetable, carefully choose the sweetest tomatoes from the plant for your plate of pasta in the trullo and recognize together with your children some of your very own vegetables.

All our products are grown rigorously without pesticides or chemical additives. This means your body gets to absorb healthier and verified products that you will find just less than 50 meters from your own trullo!

What is our commitment?

We will tend to your “garden corner” until your arrival. Prepare the terrain with natural fertilizers, plant the seeds when necessary, giving them the necessary water daily. We will also use the technique of our peasant forefathers and respect the rhythm nature requires.

How to support the project?

To take part in the project and support the necessary expenses involved in the care of the garden, you can add a supplement to your holiday package for a reservation of at least one week.
To be sure to find a flourishing and mature garden, we advise to book your reservation at least 2 months in advance before arrival.

Write us on and rent your corner garden!