Organic food

 Apulia is land, sun, sea, and also savor

Being the result of continuous cultural mixtures and  secular culinary experiences, the Apulian cuisine is considered an excellence among Mediterranean diets, rich in nutrients, healthy and balanced.

We the people of Trulli del bosco have made the most of this tradition and want to offer our guests a unique experience for their palate.

They can taste, enjoy and learn the true Apulian cuisine. The difference will be made by tasting the vegetables from our garden, our old secret recipes and the cooking classes with exceptional cooks.


Surrounded by two hectares of terrain, the ancient village of Trulli del Bosco is cradled between two hills dotted with olive and fruit trees (cherries, plums, figs, pears, apple trees and more). Guests can enjoy all this, freely picking the seasoned fruits or tasting our oil; sun-dried almonds, our tasty marmalades of cherries and figs for breakfast, the traditional sweets and the liquors.



We could offer you traditional Apulian and homemade dishes, prepared with vegetables from our garden  (grown in harmony with nature and without the use of pesticides) and local meats from the farms of the area. You will rediscovering the flavor of the earth and the tradition of this region.

You can enjoy homemade orecchiette, mozzarellaburrate, brasciole, gniumerieddi and many other regional specialties.



Returning from a holiday, means bringing with oneself not only the memories of a fun experience, but also assimilating the flavors of a place. For this reason we thought of the possibility to spend a relaxing morning, learning to cook Apulian style.

Your teacher will be a very special chef: Granma Maria.  You can learn the secret to making handmade Alberobello orecchiette, Apulian bagels (taralli), stuffed focaccia buns, egg-stuffed meatballs (polpette) and many other homemade dishes, organic, easy to prepare and genuine.