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At Trulli del Bosco the cleanest air of Apulia

Four amazing trulli houses with pool, close to oak forest and just 2 minutes from Alberobello. A place to escape from the noise, out of tourism, where rest one’s body and regain oneself.

We always knewn that, but now it seems to be official: the cleanest air of Puglia is at “Bosco Selva” of Alberobello.

The result has emerged from the “Green Tour” led by Peacelink and Cetri (Cercle Européen pour la Révolution Troisièeme), that February 20 to 25 have analyzed the level of pollution of different centers and areas of special landscape value of our region.

The analysis has focused on the presence of the famous carcinogenic particles in the air benzo (a) pyrene.

Well, on 3100 measurements, the results were surprising. In almost 74% of the 23 sites, the air was particularly good and in some cases even excellent.

But that’s not all. For the joy of our lungs, the natural oasis “Bosco Selva” of Alberobello, just at few meters from outr trulli, appears with an excellent level of air clealiness; higher not only in Valla Itria, but in the whole region until Salento.

Infact, the 69% of the verifies near the woods have reported a concentration of polluted air is equal to ZERO, and the remaining 31% remains on 0.4%. Practically, clean oxygen at 100% for our guests.


Risults at “Bosco Selva”:

aria bosco selva aria buona 2

Comune Luogo rilevazione IPA Media ng/m3 zero IPA %
Alberobello Bosco Selva 0,4 69%
Alberobello Municipio 5 16%
Alberobello Villa Donnaloja 2,9 19%
Cisternino Belvedere 9,9 0%
Locorotondo via Garibaldi 0,9 50%
Locorotondo Municipio 9,2 0%
Martina Franca Chiesa S. Martino 1,6 26%
Martina Franca Palazzo Ducale 33,1 0%
Ostuni Chiesa Santa Maria della Stella 1,3 25%
Conversano Torre Poligonale 7,7 0%
Conversano Municipio 4,7 8%
Fasano Largo S. Giovanni Battista 2,8 6%
Monopoli Bastione Santa Maria 0,7 46%
Monopoli Via San Domenico 3,6 16%
Noci Piazza Plebiscito 1,8 22%
Polignano Piazza S. Benedetto 8,4 0%
Polignano Vico Lapergola, balconata mare 7,2 0%
Putignano Via Santa Maria 4,6 4%
Marina di Lizzano Fiume Ostone 0,9 43%
Marina di Maruggio Torre delle Moline 2,2 34%
Marina di Maruggio Porto Cesareo 2,1 19%
Manduria San Pietro in Bevagna 1 50%
Gallipoli Riviera Diaz, bastione 1,4 43%
Melpignano ex Convento Agostiniani 2,2 22%
Melpignano Parco della Pace 7,2 0%
Otranto Monumento ai Martiri 0,8 39%
Otranto Piazza Alfonso D’Aragona 7,4 0%
Lecce Bosco Rauccio 0,5 75%
Lecce Oasi Le Cesine 1,3 37%
Brindisi Torre Guaceto 2,2 13%
Trepuzzi Boschetto S. Vito 1,6 26%
media globale delle 3100 misurazioni 4,4

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