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2020 Italian Language Program in Italy

Trulli del Bosco with Trulli Italian School will take you for 2 weeks in Puglia (one the most beautiful and still undercover region) through a wonderful 2020 Italian Language Program in Italy for Adults. The immersion program will include Mini Group Italian lessons in the morning and many cultural activities in small groups in[…]

Qual è il segreto dei Trulli del Bosco?

Qualche giorno fa abbiamo fatto un esperimento che ci ha lasciato davvero sorpresi… Abbiamo raggruppato, grazie ad un software, tutte le recensioni scritte dai nostri ospiti durante l’anno, per sapere quali fossero le parole più usate per descrivere la loro vacanza qui da noi. Ci saremmo aspettati tra le parole più[…]

My 7 days in Puglia!

We’ve been waiting for this holiday trip for a long time. After the first images aired during a TV documentary me and my husband had no more doubts, our next summer trip would be in this region of Southern Italy, authentic and for most parts still unexplored by mass tourism:[…]

At Trulli del Bosco the cleanest air of Apulia

Four amazing trulli houses with pool, close to oak forest and just 2 minutes from Alberobello. A place to escape from the noise, out of tourism, where rest one’s body and regain oneself. We always knewn that, but now it seems to be official: the cleanest air of Puglia is at[…]

Yoga Retreat in Puglia at Trulli del Bosco

Enjoy your yoga retreat in Puglia with Trulli del Bosco. Lose yourself in the beauty of the historical, yet seemingly undiscovered region of Puglia, Italy. You’ll sleep in traditional trulli houses in the oasis of Alberobello as you enjoy the starlight at night and endless kilometers of the countryside’s nature[…]