Alberobello promotional video 2016

The trulli, the characteristic cone-roofed houses of Alberobello, Apulia, make up one of the 50 UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Italy. The trulli of Alberobello are an exceptional example of a building technique that has survived from prehistoric times until to date… Enjoy the video…

New summer guest? Chose your free tree!

Trulli del Bosco, like every year, is actively in favor of green conservation and caring for the environment in their surrounding territory. Beginning in 2016, we are proud to present a new project, unique all over Italy: If you are a couple, a family or just a group friends who[…]

At Trulli del Bosco the cleanest air of Apulia

We always knewn that, but now it seems to be official: the cleanest air of Puglia is at „Bosco Selva“ of Alberobello. The result has emerged from the „Green Tour“ led by Peacelink and Cetri (Cercle Européen pour la Révolution Troisièeme), that February 20 to 25 have analyzed the level of[…]

See you at Trulli del Bosco!

Trulli del Bosco ist ein Zauberort inmitten der Natur nur anderthalb Kilometer von Alberobello entfernt, der für Harmonie und Entspannung vom lauten Alltag bei den Hotelbesuchern sorgt. Eingebettet in hundertjährigen Olivenhainen umfasst unsere Ferienanlage vier runde Steinhäuser (Trulli), die zwischen zwei Hügeln angesiedelt sind und an einen Eichenwald reich an[…]